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Winter 2012/2013


You probably have questions, people have probably had those same questions before. Here are some of those questions!


  1. What is a "Pre-Order"?

    An item on Pre-Order is an item that is currently in production but is not ready to ship. All Pre-Orders will ship as soon as the product becomes available. Pre-Ordering a product is advantageous because it ensures that the you get the item you want without (as large) a risk of it selling out first. Also, Pre-Orders are always discounted!

  2. What's the deal with shipping?

    Lethal Descent uses the United States Postal Service (Priority Mail) for all things shipping. Once we receive your order, we make every effort to send it out within 24 hours. If you live in the US, your order should arrive in about 3 days. If you live anywhere else in the world, your order should arrive within 6-10 business days. International shipping however depends on many factors and can take longer depending on customs and the speed of your local post.

    USPS does not offer tracking services, therefore we cannot offer you a tracking number. If you are an international customer and believe there is an issue with your order, we can offer limited tracking by your customs form number, please send us an email and we'll help you out!

  3. Can you ship to [insert country here]?

    Yes! We will ship to any address in the world. If you live on earth, we can ship outerwear to you!

  4. Will I have to pay fees on my international order?

    Unfortunately we cannot control customs fees and duties. Most international orders will get charged some amount of fee/tax/duty when the package goes through customs. Generally these fees do not exceed about $20USD but they can vary widely depending on the country and the products you ordered. Please contact your local customs office for an accurate estimate of fees.

  5. What is your return policy?

    We accept returns for 14 days after you receive your product. You can return any item that is in new condition with original the tags attached in this time frame.

  6. Is it true that LDC throws sick parties?

    We have been known, on occasion, to throw sick parties. This is true.

  7. Will you sponsor me?

    We are always looking for young up and coming talent. Send your resume and a video of your riding to and we'll take a look!

  8. Can I carry LDC in my shop?

    Shoot us an email to, we'd love to talk with any prospective retailers!

  9. What size should I get?

    We get this one a lot and it is probably the hardest one to answer. Your best bet with sizing is to look at our extremely helpful size chart, and measure yourself. Everyone likes their outerwear to fit a different way which means the best person to pick your size is you!

    Plus, if you don't like the size you ordered, just exchange it. No problem.

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