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Winter 2012/2013

Friendly Rep Program

Do you want to see LDC on the shelves of your local shop? Do you want free gear? Well this is your lucky day because Lethal Descent is offering you both.

The concept is simple. Go to your local shop and tell them that they should carry LDC. Tell them how sick our gear is or how we are one of the few independent outerwear companies left or how dope we are in general; it doesn't matter what you tell them because if the shop you approach ends up carrying LDC as a direct consequence of your pestering, we'll hook you up with some free outerwear, simple as that.

Just tell your shop to get in contact with us ( then send us an email detailing your exploits and if all goes according to plan you'll be getting some fresh outerwear, for free.


Note: Participating in the Friendly Rep Program does in no way affiliate you with Lethal Descent and implying otherwise will invalidate your entry. For every shop that ends up carrying LDC, one piece of outerwear will given out. The outerwear awarded will consist of one piece of your choice from our available stock. Lethal Descent reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time. 

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