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Winter 2012/2013

Making It Happen

Lethal Descent was started in the fall of 2006 by Kevin Slattery and Sam Shaheen; at the time, juniors in high school.

The two of us shared a strong passion for skiing that couldn't be satiated by weekend shred trips alone. With a little help from the right people and all our money pooled, we were able to produce our first run of outerwear and we haven't looked back since.

Finding motivation to make outerwear wasn't hard; the slopes are saturated with impersonal, mass-produced outerwear. Many skiers even wear outerwear made for snowboarders. We wanted to make outerwear for skiers, by skiers with personal service that other large companies couldn't match and, to date, we have sold out of every product we have made.

Our outerwear is designed with style and function in mind. All of our outerwear is made with the most technical waterproof/breathable fabrics and the highest quality zippers, velcro and accessories. We make outerwear that we want to wear, this is everyday outerwear designed for layering up in the dead of winter and opening the pit zips in April. It's Lethal Descent, really sick outerwear.

 -Kevin Slattery, Sam Shaheen




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